.17 Doors, Handles and Latches


.17  Doors, Handles and Latches

A. Inspection of doors, handles, latches, and hinges applies to all vehicles originally manufactured with doors and all other vehicles which are equipped with doors.


(1) Inspect all doors, latches, hinges, and handles for broken or missing parts, proper operation, and improper adjustment. Electric push button, or ring and cable means of opening the door are acceptable provided they are readily accessible.

B.    Doors-(school vehicles only).


Reject Vehicle If:

(1)          Doors or door parts are missing, broken, or sagging so that the door cannot be tightly closed.

(2)          Latch or handles not original equipment or equivalent.

(3)          Door handles and latches do not provide a means of readily opening door.

(4)          Secondary or safety catch does not function properly.

Effective as of February 1, 2012