.19 Speedometer/Odometer


.19 Speedometer/Odometer.

A.            Speedometer and odometer will be inspected to determine if they are connected and operable, the dial and calibrations are legible, and calibrated in miles or kilometers.


(1) Visually inspect speedometer and odometer for operation and legibility. Speedometer shall register speed and odometer shall register distance traveled. The speedometer may register

speed in miles per hour or kilometers per hour, or both, and odometer may register distance traveled in miles or kilometers. If the odometer records a distance in kilometers, the vehicle shall be placarded in view of the driver with a wording “kilometers divided by 1.609 equals miles”.

Reject Vehicle If:

(1)          Speedometer or odometer, or both, are disconnected or inoperable.

(2)          Dial and calibrations not legible.

(3)          Speedometer does not register speed in miles per hour or kilometers, or both.

(4)          Odometer does not register distance traveled.

(5)          Odometer records distance in kilometers and is not placarded with wording “kilometers divided by 1.609 equals miles”.

Effective as of February 1, 2012