.22 Safety Belts


.22  Safety Belts

A.  Any motor vehicle manufactured or assembled after June 1, 1964, shall be equipped with two sets of seat belts on the front seat of the vehicle and any vehicle manufactured or assembled with a rear seat after June 1, 1969, shall be equipped with two sets of seat belts on the rear seat of the vehicle. This does not apply to any motorcycle, bus, truck, taxicab, or type II school vehicle.


(1)          Inspect for frayed, split, or tom webbing.

(2)          Inspect for malfunctioning buckles.

(3)          Inspect for loose or damaged anchorages.

(4)          Inspect mounting surfaces.

(5)          Inspect retracting and release mechanisms.


Reject Vehicle If:

(1)          Safety belt webbing is frayed, split or tom.

(2)          Belt buckles do not operate properly.

(3)          Belt anchorages are loose, badly corroded, missing, or not fastened to belt.

(4)          Belt mounting surface is badly deformed, damaged, or corroded.

(5)          Retracting or release mechanisms do not operate properly.

Effective as of February 1, 2012